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"At Quantumπetics we are securing the future for tomorrow, today."

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Application Services

The Quantum πet (Web 4.0)

Quantumπetics offers Quantum Cryptography, Smart Contract Development Services, Quantum as a Service (QaaS), Tokenization as a Service (TaaS), Quantum Identities (Q.I.) as well as the ability to run queries on petabytes of blocks, structured and semi-structured data, so that Quantum πet Explorers (QπEs) can build unique Quantum Explorer Interfaces (QEIs), powerful reports, dashboards and more.

Data Science Acceleration

Setting up and managing data lakes today usually involves a lot of manual and time-consuming tasks. However, Quantumπetics automates Quantum Walks that are used to construct Quantum Artificial Neural Networks, which exponentially speed-up the quantum machine learning algorithm.

Versatility in Application

Quantumπetics implements Dynamic Quantum Clustering (DQC) which is a powerful visual method used for working with big and high dimensionality data. Quantumπetics uses this benchmark to exploit variations in the density of the data (in feature space) and unmasks subsets of the data through Qubit Clustering.

Quantum Cryptography

Quantumπetics offers Quantum cryptography, aka Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which uses a series of photons (light particles) to transmit data from one location to another over a fiber optic cable. By comparing measurements of the properties of a fraction of these photons, the two endpoints can determine what the key is and if it is safe to use.

Quantum Identity

When in The Quantum πet Web4 Quantum πet Explorers (QπEs) will be issued to purchase a Quantum Identity Q.I. By harnessing Quantum Physics along with the combination of Biometrics and Molecular Biology in unison, no one can replicate your identity through means of fraud. The Q.I. is a digital print/avatar of your molecular makeup through DNA and other Biometric standards coupled with a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).